Copper Falls….a bust!

Well, our outing to Copper Falls yesterday was a bust. As soon as we left the highway we encountered snow. We PROBABLY could have gotten a bit further than we tried, but we really weren’t in the mood to shovel ourselves out should we get stuck.

We opted to take the “scenic route” home and make our way down Meadow Creek Road. We stopped off at what’s left of the old Addie townsite and did a bit of shooting there. It certainly wasn’t what we had planned for the day, but we had a very nice time and didn’t have to return home empty handed.
If you’ve visited my website ( ) you probably recognize that I like working with black and white and I love old abandoned “stuff”. I also enjoy shooting interesting perspectives. Yesterday, I got to do a bit of both.
To reach the old townsite: Heading southbound on Hwy 95 from the Canadian border, take a left at Good Grief on Meadow Creek Road and then take another immediate left on the road across from the old Good Grief Tavern (I think it may be a cafe now). Drive this road until it makes a 90 degree turn to the left. You’ll come to a railroad crossing and a bridge across the Moyie River. You can park before the crossing and do a bit of exploring. I honestly must say that I have no idea if this is RR land, public land, private land….???? There are no signs posted, but I should probably check into it.
These images were shot in Raw in color and then converted to black and white via the PS channel mixer. They were then converted to a grayscale image and yet again to a duotone.

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