"The Lens" continued…….

Well, the saga continues.
When I got home a few minutes ago I checked my email and found another message from Ritz Camera to call and confirm my order. In case you missed yesterday’s episode, we’ve already been through this. So, I called them back and got some guy with an incredibly thick accent who said his name was “John”. Last night I got “Daniel”. Come on Punjab, you’re not fooling anyone here…… I’m not racist by any means but I hate it when companies outsource and then their CS reps tell you, in incredibly broken English, that their name is something like “Matthew” “Brenda” or “Christopher”. Like that’s going to fool you into thinking that you haven’t just gotten some mass call center in India. Yeah, ok….I’m fooled. Whatever. Why can’t they just say “My name is Rajib” or whatever it is? Is that a mandate from their company? I kind of feel sorry for them, actually. Anyway, I got “John” and he said that we needed to go through this little song and dance again. I asked if my order had been processed yet and he said “No, it ship tomorrow.” This is what “Daniel” told me yesterday. At this point I’m getting a little cranky. I told him that I had been told the same thing yesterday. He just repeated “No, it ship tomorrow.” I asked to cancel the order and he said ok. I also requested a cancellation number and he said he didn’t have one. Something about just checking the order status on the web site in a few hours. I’m not totally confident that “John” and I communicated, but I’m praying he at least understood “CANCEL” and got it done. I plan to watch that credit card and if I see a charge I’ll have to put a stop payment on it I guess. At this point I really don’t have any other options.
So, feeling a little better about the whole thing I hopped over to OneCall to buy my lens. Guess what……..ON ORDER!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! NO NO NO!!!! I have to believe it was an error last night on the site that said it was in stock. I’m on their list to receive an email when it comes in and I never heard a peep and now the status is on order again. This sucks!
In the mean time, I checked my credit card online and I see there is a pending transaction for $1800. I called them to stop it and they said I can’t do anything until the transaction is processed by the vendor. They said if I canceled the order I should see the pending trans disappear in 2 to 3 days. You can bet I’ll be watching that one!!!
I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now…….. 😦

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