HDR Photography

I was just looking over my last several posts and realized I’ve not posted any images in some time. What kind of photography blog is this anyway?????

So, here’s one of my more recent pieces. I’m just getting into HDR (high dynamic range) photography. It’s pretty cool actually. I’m currently using a program called Photomatix to merge the images.

I shot these down on some backroad (don’t ask me to remember the name) on the Palouse. We happened to be shooting an old harvester from the road when the property owner happened by. We could see that there were several old cars and trucks out in the field beyond and asked if he’d mind if we walked out and shot them. He was very gracious and told us to stay as long as we liked.

Here’s one from that afternoon……

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4 Responses to HDR Photography

  1. mormar says:

    MEGAN, that really is an amazing picture. I think I need a copy!!or my own photomatix and a new wide angle lens!!

  2. SLANCE says:

    sweet picture…i’ll have to learn about this HDR stuff, never done it

  3. definately cool pic!!

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