It’s here!!!!!

The lens is here!!! Finally! It was better than Christmas to come home and find that it had arrived.
The honest truth though…… I was going to cancel the order on Tuesday because we bought a 4-wheeler. I started to freak out about spending the money and had decided to wait on the lens. I figured that since the lens was on serious back order anyway, it wouldn’t kill me to wait a bit. When I came home and got online to cancel the backorder I had an email stating that the lens had shipped that morning. Oh well….. I wanted it anyway. 🙂
After work tomorrow a friend and I are going to do some shooting so it’ll be fun to test it out. Hopefully I’ll have something worthy of sharing……..
Happy weekend!

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2 Responses to It’s here!!!!!

  1. Crystal says:

    Congrats! My CS3 got here yesterday and my three year old kept asking if it was my “dirthday.” And the day before that was the Photoshop CS3 book for photogs by Scott Kelby. I was a wee bit excited. :)Gotta love GOOD mail! Even if it costs a small fortune!

  2. Megan says:

    I can totally identify with your excitement! I’m contemplating an upgrade from CS2 to CS3 right now, but I’m really have to choose my spending wisely. We have a 3 week road trip planned in September and at the price of gas I’m a little nervous. Our Yukon gets about 16 mpg. Ouch! I also want a tilt shift lens like the one Lance was talking about. Those are awesome lenses. AND I want a new monopod, AND a new set of studio lights because my current ones are crummy, AND a couple of Singh-Ray filters AND AND AND!!!!! Gosh, do I sound greedy or what???? Don’t get me wrong…… God has richly blessed my life and if I never had another toy, my life would still be full. 🙂

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