11 Days and Counting……

Only 11 days left! I have a ton of stuff I should be doing rather than sitting here on the puter, but oh well. They’ll be there tomorrow. 🙂

I was playing with a new brush I got…… I’m not sure I like what I did. I think the colored leaves are way too “whimsical” or something for the image. I don’t think I like it….. The brush is cool…it just doesn’t work here. And the back ground was supposed to be white…not pink. Egad! What was I doing????
This one is a pre-dawn shot at the Maroon Bells. We got up at the butt-crack of dawn for this shot. It was necessary. If you could see what was behind and beside me, you’d see why. This is an extremely popular spot for obvious reasons. It’s aslo a great place to catch alpenglow. It was 27 degrees and there was ice around the edge of the lake. Our fingers and toes were totally numb, but we didn’t care. I’ll be going back…. 🙂

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One Response to 11 Days and Counting……

  1. Tobey is looking forward to beary-sitting :)Yeah, what WERE you thinking with those pastel leaves? HEHEHEHE. I thought you left pink behind years ago. Did you try a white background with leaves in shades of grey to match your tree trunks? Could you do that with your bag of magic tricks?I always liked the lake picture.

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