Headed South…..

Today we’re departing Columbia and heading south. Last night we got to have dinner with our friends Phil and Vicki. I bumped into Phil a few years ago online while doing some research on the Maroon Bells area of Colorado. We discovered that we had been there during the same week in 2006 and we’ve been chatting since. It was so much fun to finally get to meet these guys in person!!!! We had an awesome dinner at a place called Murry’s. The food was FABULOUS and the company even better. We shared travel stories and photo tips. When we got back to their house after dinner Phil shared some of his work with us. He gave me some great ideas for places to see out in Colorado, too! Thanks a million you guys!!! We really enjoyed our visit!!

Before heading down to Columbia we spent some time in Moberly with my Aunt Marcia and Uncle Tom (my mom’s brother and his wife). It was such a treat to see them. We so rarely see our family….especially those on Mom’s side. We had a wonderful visit and ran around Moberly for the afternoon with Marcia. We got to have dinner with them as well and we really enjoyed the day. It really was a treat to get to see them. I think we figured it had been 14 years since we’d seen each other last.

While in Moberly we had a few “coincidental” meetings with people who knew my family. I don’t really believe in “coincidence”. I know it was arranged…. 🙂 One of the ladies who was running the front desk turned out to be my cousin’s aunt. Her sister was married to my uncle. That was an interesting conversation! She was extremely helpful and we enjoyed chatting with her. We also met a guy who was surprised to hear that I was a Wessel. He said he lives in the “Wessel” subdivision and when he was recently remodeling his kitchen, he found Dad and John’s signatures in pencil on the wood!!!! Small world!!!

When we left Moberly we drove over to Glasgow where my mom lived as a girl. We also wanted to visit my grandmother’s grave there. We found out just what a small town Glasgow is!!!! Tom (my uncle) had given us a general idea of where Granny was buried and said that if we needed any help finding it to go to the funeral home and they would be able to help. They also said just to mention that I was Tony Komer’s niece to anyone in town and I’d get all of the help I needed. 🙂 When we got to town we stopped at a little floral shop and bought a bouquet of flowers to take with us. Then we wandered all through the cemetery with no luck and headed over to the funeral home (which is right across from the floral shop). We went in asked if they could help us and they were able to tell us when she had passed away, but wasn’t sure where “exactly” she was buried. She suggested that we try across the street at the monument maker’s place. So, we walked over and asked him if he could help us find Elizabeth Komer’s plot and he sort of did a double take and then asked if I was related to Tony Komer. 🙂 It turns out he was a good friend of Tony’s and he actually not only told us where she was buried but took the time to drive us right to the spot!!! He asked if we were driving a suburban (Yukon’s look about the same) and said that he’d already talked to his wife about us……. She owns the floral shop!!!! We hadn’t been in town 30 minutes and already we’d been spotted and tagged as “the out of staters”. 🙂 I don’t guess Glasgow, Missouri gets a ton of out of state visitors. 🙂 I have lots more details and musings about this leg of the trip that I want to share, but right now we need to get down the road…….. I’ll catch back up later with pictures and details……..
We’re off!!!!

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  1. Pretty cool “coincidences” :DStill waiting for pictures…Mom said you got some sort of bug bite or something while at the Ozarks. Hope all is okay. Praying it is.Love,H

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