More from the latest road trip…….

I’m slowly, but surely getting our latest road trip (b)logged here. It’s spotty at best, but hey, who wants to read 21 sequential posts about our road trip?
So, one cool thing that we discovered on this last was that antiques are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP on the route we traveled. I threatened several times to rent a Uhaul trailer and fill it up with antiques. I’m seriously considering a future road trip where we make a similar loop and rent a trailer when we get back there, fill it up and haul it home.
Some of the things we found back there were just amazing to me! I’ve been searching for an old fashioned panel door for a few years now. I come across them every now and then, but I simply refuse to pay $50+ dollars for one. We stopped at one antique store in S. Dakota and they must have had a half dozen of them for $5 a piece!!!! FIVE DOLLARS!!!! I wanted one so bad I could hardly stand it. Unfortunately, they had windows in them (which made them even more perfect for my purpose) and I was afraid I’d never get them home without breaking the glass. This was on the 3rd day of our trip and I threatened to strap it to the roof rack on the Yukon, but I was afraid I’d break the glass on some of the rough roads we planned to travel in Colorado. I still should have done it. I should have at least tried…..if I broke the glass, oh well. It was FIVE DOLLARS!!!! What was I thinking leaving it there!!!! I’ve been kicking myself ever since I got home.
I did find an antique tricycle (probably from the 50’s) on the way home in Kansas. I bought it for $25. It’s absolutely adorable and will make a great prop. I also bought 2 dolls, a hat box, a few dishes, an antique leather suitcase (for $10) and a few more odds and ends in S. Dakota. Oh yeah, I also finally found the antique tractor seat I’ve been looking for. I’ve found many of these here in the Northwest, but again, you’re looking at anywhere from $50 – $100. I picked this gem up for $5!!!!! I almost felt dishonest!!!
So, if you love antiques and you’re traveling east, take I-90 across S. Dakota and I-80 back through Kansas. Don’t forget your trailer!!!!! We are seriously considering doing such a thing on our next trip out to see family. We had a great time in these antique stores and the prices were absolutely unbelievable!!!!

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