Glacier National Park

Overall, our Glacier trip was a great time. We had a few disappointments due to the season. Early July is a bit premature for many of the hiking destinations. We had planned to visit Iceberg Lake, but it was still mostly frozen over. We planned to visit Hidden Lake, but the trail was still all snow. We planned to hike the Highline, but it just opened the day we were there and they said there was still a lot of snow and ice on the trail…….hike at your own risk and don’t forget your ice axe. Huh????? Ok, we’ll come back in August and try again. We did a few of the trails at the lower elevations. The Swiftcurrent Loop trail was nice and we visited Lake Josephine as a mini side trip. We contemplated Grinnell, but decided against it this trip. We also visited Hidden Meadow which is accessed through the Polebridge entrance. Frankly, it’s a long drive for little reward. The meadow was supposed to be loaded with wildflowers. There were a few flowers along the trail, but none at all in the meadow. It was an ok hike, but the meadow was a bit of a bummer. I wouldn’t bother again. Last July we did Avalanche Lake. It’s a more rewarding hike. I would suggest it if you’re looking for a hike at the lower elevations.

I think we’ll plan to return in either mid August or early September this year to do the Highline Trail. Iceberg Lake may have to wait until next year because I doubt I’ll be able to get enough time off to do both.

We caught this sunset on Thursday night. There wasn’t a ton of color, but it was still pretty.

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