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My Little Farm Table…..

 I have been “shopping” for a dining room table for over a year now. I thought that I’d found the perfect table about a month ago. Unfortunately, I found the table on Monday and hubby lost his job on Tuesday. … Continue reading

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On Being Rich…..

 My dad often says, “I feel sorry for those poor people who have only money.” What a true statement!  When I was about 18 a friend made a comment to me about how I wouldn’t know anything about having to … Continue reading

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Going back to school…..

Through the years my husband has always talked about an interest in nursing. When you’re working a job that pays nicely and seems to be stable (haha), it’s very difficult to imagine leaping off into the unknown. It was always … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut….an Ambitious Endeavor

 While shopping the other day I passed by a bin of gigantic cabbages. They were 5 lbs for a dollar and I thought, “Wow! That’s a lot of food for 20 cents a pound!”. I decided to buy one and … Continue reading

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Plum Jam….

  I harvested our plum tree yesterday. I purchased the sad, little tree at our local home & garden store the year we moved into our house. I paid a whoppin’ $5 for it and it was labeled as a pear … Continue reading

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Goodbye Old Friend…..

     As I was shopping the other day, I realized what a hideous snob I had become. For years I have been a faithful Tide user and have never even blinked at the price. Tide and Downy……nothing else. Frankly, … Continue reading

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