Goodbye Old Friend…..


Twice the price??? Really?


 As I was shopping the other day, I realized what a hideous snob I had become. For years I have been a faithful Tide user and have never even blinked at the price. Tide and Downy……nothing else. Frankly, over the last 10 years I’m ashamed to say……I can’t remember even taking note of the price. How embarrassing is that? 
 Since I am now on a strict budget and in major $$ saving mode……I actually looked at the price when I put the Tide in my cart last week. SERIOUSLY???? It costs TWICE as much as any other laundry soap? I almost choked!! TWICE as much!!!! I so badly wanted to splurge and get it anyway but the budget said “I don’t think so, Princess!!!” *Sigh* So, I went for the Surf which was literally half the price. $11.00 for the Surf vs. $22.00 for the Tide. It killed me to put the Tide back, but……sacrifices must be made. I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m just being dramatic, but you have no idea how hard that was for me. I have become so accustomed to just buying what I want when I want and not really giving any thought to a budget.
 So, for now……I must say goodbye old friend. But don’t think I won’t be scouring for coupons and major sales so that we can be reunited!!!

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2 Responses to Goodbye Old Friend…..

  1. Phil Leith says:

    I grew up po’, m’self, and this was the way I grew up thinking anyway. A lot of it’s been reversed as our fortunes have grown. On the other hand, I never forget what I COULD go back to living on if I had to.

    Vicki swears some of these detergents work better than others. She’s probably right about some of them.

    Just remember to take into account how much you use per wash!

    • tubby423 says:

      We both grew up po’ too. 🙂 It actually feels kind of freeing to get “back to our roots”. 🙂 We definitely know how to live on the cheap. It’s not something I would have chosen consciously, but it feels good to be free of the burden of money & material things. It sounds odd to say, but I really feel that way. Now we can get back to living! It will be a new adventure.

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