On Being Rich…..

 My dad often says, “I feel sorry for those poor people who have only money.” What a true statement!
 When I was about 18 a friend made a comment to me about how I wouldn’t know anything about having to earn blah blah blah because “….I had a rich daddy who gave me everything.” She was referring to the fact that my parents were business owners and therefore must be rich. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAH! Clueless….. We were rich, but not in the way that she thought. Being rich isn’t about the cash in your bank account. Being rich is about family, friends, health, joy, memories, freedom, love…….anything but money! I am so blessed to be truly rich. I might be eating beans and using Surf, but I will always have abundant riches. Thank you Mom and Dad for raising me, loving me and teaching me what it really means to be rich. And I truly do have a rich Daddy who gives me everything…..for without Him, I am nothing……. “for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.” Psalm 50:10 

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One Response to On Being Rich…..

  1. Char. Barney says:

    Love the way you think. Thanks for your post. Char.

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