A Naughty Oven and a Prideful Heart……

When we built our house 8 years ago I spared no expense on our appliances. Remember, we had ample disposable income back then. I figured, we can afford it, let’s not “cheap-out”. And so spent a bit over $5000 and purchased what we thought would be high quality, long-lasting appliances. I have to say, with one exception, I have not been disappointed in our choices. I loathe my oven. It’s always been difficult to clean the range and when it was about 5 years old it started misbehaving. The oven will randomly turn itself off while in the middle of cooking something. You can generally “whack” the top of it and it will come back on. It will also come back on once it’s cooled down. The issue is poor design. The electronic controller is on the front of the stove directly above the oven door. I like this setup because then I don’t have to reach across the burners to control the oven. The issue is that when you use the oven, the control panel gets extremely hot and seems to short and fry your controller. I’ve done some research on it and it was a common problem with this model of Amana. Unfortunately, they don’t even make the controller anymore so the prospect of having to replace the entire appliance is looming. We’re going to see if we can have the controller repaired, but even if we do, it will just happen again due to the poor design. There’s a very slight chance that it could be a cooling fan that needs to be replaced, but I don’t think so.
 So, I was sitting here this morning grumbling about the oven and trying to figure out how to come up with an extra $1500-$2000 to buy a new one. Oh yes, I know……ovens can cost as little as $400. But I didn’t buy one of those ovens. No, no…..I had to have a stainless, slide in model. I further tormented myself today by actually pricing them online. I know that if we have to invest in a new oven, I’m going to lose my fancy stainless, slide in for a (GASP) regular, standalone model. Oh horrors!!! I’ll have an oven like 90% of middle class America!!!! I’ve always been proud of our home and “perks” we were able to add. Slate tile, upgraded appliances, copper sink, jetted tub, hand crafted doors and cabinetry…… Seriously, have I mentioned that I have become somewhat spoiled over the last 15 years? Ugh…..I’m appalled at myself.
 As I sat here thinking about how insignificant the kind of oven you own really is, I was ashamed of my spoiled behavior. It’s just an oven. It’s going to cook your food…..which is more than my current oven is doing for me. I began to think about my friend who has cancer and my other friend whose house caught fire last week and all of the people who have contracted cholera in the Kenyan refugee camps and so many other people suffering through real hard times. IT’S AN OVEN!!!!! Please forgive me, Lord. I had to stop and thank Him again for my many blessings. If we need to replace the oven, we’ll figure it out. We’re not going to freeze, starve or die without one even if we can’t do it right away. And I’m sure, I’ll certainly live through having a run-of-the-mill “standard”, normal oven should we have to replace it. Perhaps I’ll even buy one used.

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2 Responses to A Naughty Oven and a Prideful Heart……

  1. Jennifer Bray says:

    Our Oven cost less than $500 and has worked for years! I love it! The glass top can handle the weight of my big canner full of jars. It is super easy to clean. And if you can manage to NOT melt plastic in the bottom of the oven…. you will be set! ( I put a plate of cupcakes in the oven to “hide them” from the kids. Forgot and then tried to preheat the oven. But even that wasn’t too expensive to fix…. only $93 plus Tim’s labor) On and it is a Kenmore!

  2. tubby423 says:

    I know……. I was just being so shallow and spoiled! 🙂 I know that when this thing finally bites it I’ll buy a “regular” oven like the rest of the world and it will be perfectly fine. 🙂 I will probably look at “dent & ding” stuff. Often, you can get a higher end appliance for less if you’re willing to put up with a scratch or imperfection. I’m totally willing to live with that. I MUST have a gas stove though. I would never be satisfied returning to electric. The flat tops are nice, but I love my gas. I’m going to see how far I can stretch this one. 🙂

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