Spring Semester…..

Well, it’s official. Hubby is registered for the spring semester at the community college. I’m both excited and a little anxious. The tuition money for this semester is in savings and we’ll be able to cover it with no trouble. I THINK we can cover the summer semester as well. Whew!!
 As we were agonizing over classes and schedules I was freaking out a little bit about the prospect of Hubby driving the additional 50 miles in bad weather to the college. It’s actually about 90 miles from home and I work between home and the college. A few of the courses he needs have labs and are only offered on campus. I love him, but he’s not the best driver….partially my fault because I never let him drive. Whenever we go someplace, I drive. That’s how it’s been the entire 17 years we’ve been together. At any rate, I was really stressing about him driving down there in the winter. On top of that, we were having a really hard time figuring out a schedule that worked with all of the classes he needed. In the end we found out he still has one prerequisite that he hasn’t fulfilled for the courses with the labs. So, that issue resolved itself. All but one of this semester’s courses are online. The other one is here in our own little town! I don’t know why I fret about these things……as though my worry can change anything. I have to work harder to put Matthew 6:25-34 into practice. The Lord has always taken care of us……and yet my faith is often weak. *sigh*

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