YoYo Skirts….

 Today I took a vacation day and played hookey from the office. I wanted to do something fun and productive. Last weekend my nieces came by and I had them pick fabrics from my stash for skirts. Yesterday I decided to tackle that project.
 I didn’t have a pattern, but had in mind what I wanted to do. Hubby, who is up for sainthood by the way, was patient and helped me figure out the dimensions that I needed to cut for each of the girls.
 I was looking for a fun little trim that would wash well and not “curl” or become an ironing nightmare. I found out how ridiculously easy yoyo’s are to make and decided that they would be the perfect trim. 
 Voila!!! Yoyo skirts. 🙂 I can only claim 100% credit for the red and white one. We worked on the orange one and the “wild” one together and Hubby made the pink and blue. We had a great time doing it together and I think they turned out pretty cute!

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2 Responses to YoYo Skirts….

  1. Jennifer Bray says:

    Jasmyn would love one of these! They are sooo cute!

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