The Tile Debacle…..

  When we built our house, I wasn’t doing any canning and canned goods storage never crossed my mind. When I began canning last year, I realized that I had no place to store anything. For the last year I’ve had full quarts and pints stacked randomly wherever I could find room. As I can more and more, this really isn’t working out.  So, we decided it was time to make an appropriate space for canned goods storage. Our house is a modified A-frame and so I have some “dead” space along the walls. I figured this would be a perfect area for a built-in storage cabinet. It’s just wasted space today so why not put it to use?
 Dad and Hubby have the boxes built and it was time to pick out tile. I’m paralyzed with fear!!! I hate decisions like this. Especially when I know that if I pick the wrong thing, it will crouch in the corner of my dining room mocking me for years to come. 
 Hubby’s graduation from his CNA class was Friday. My work is about a 40 minute drive away from the hospital where his ceremony was to take place. My day started off badly and seemed to just get worse as it progressed. I had scheduled myself out of the office at 1:30p so that I’d have time to make a quick trip to the grocery store and then HomeOwner Hell to pick up the tile. I had purchased 3 tile samples previously and we thought we’d decided on one of them. Shouldn’t take but a minute…… Unfortunately, the crises continued to come at the office and I didn’t get to leave until after 2:00p. I knew there was no time to stop anywhere if I was going to make the ceremony. I opted for the ceremony.
 After the ceremony we discussed it and decided that if Dad was going to be ready for the tile over the weekend, I should probably go back and pick it up. We drove the 40 minutes back down there and entered HomeOwner Hell. Once there we realized that we didn’t really like any of the samples we’d picked up earlier. We agonized in the tile aisle for no less than 45 minutes vacillating between one I hated and one that only caused minor gagging. We settled on the one that caused minor gagging, did our grocery shopping and returned home. 
 When we got home we laid out the tile on the counter top and the gagging became more intense. I thought maybe it would go away overnight and things would look better in the morning…………………. Nope. Still gagging. Below is the gaggariffic tile. The small green tile is what’s in my kitchen. Because I can’t get the green anymore, I felt I should pick something complimentary. You can’t really see the 2 counters at the same time so I don’t really know why I thought this.I THOUGHT this one would be ok. Not so much…… In the morning, it wasn’t looking any better. Perhaps it even looked worse. It was so bland and boring. I have always preferred dark counter tops. I like counter tops that offer some contrast in a room. This one definitely did not.
 I tried REALLY hard to like this tile because if I didn’t like it, it meant a trip all the way to CDA to Lowe’s to get something different. CDA is far enough away that it means you’re going to blow an entire day to get down there and back. I had my weekend planned out and I did NOT want to go down there. However, the thought of this tile mocking me from the corner for the rest of my life was not very appealing either. 
 I had looked online at Lowe’s to see what they had in stock. I actually found one that was the same collection as my kitchen tile in a different color. I would have described it as a terracotta. It was “warm” and would definitely offer some contrast so that’s what I had in mind when we went down.
 When we arrived, the nice muted, terracotta tile I had seen online looked a pumpkin!!! It was bright orange. Ugh! We’d already been to the other tile shops in CDA and they had absolutely nothing. That tile was the only one that Lowe’s had that was even an option. We noticed that the 6×6 versions of the same tile were the nice muted color I had anticipated. We debated for a while thinking maybe we’d just use the 6×6’s and get the color we desired. Honestly though, I prefer the large tiles (12×12) and didn’t really want the 6×6’s. After about 45 minutes in the tile aisle…(de ja vu) we decided to have someone pull the entire pallet out so that we could see all of the boxes of the 12×12. Eureka!!!! In the back, there were two boxes of a different lot that were the right color!!! And guess how many boxes we needed….? Yeah…..two. Thank you Lord! Below is the tile I ended up with.

 The green tile is what’s in my kitchen. The other 3 small tiles are what I got HomeOwner Hell that we originally thought we’d pick between. I ended up not liking any of them. I think the tile we settled on is perfect and I won’t have to worry about gagging while I’m sitting in my dining room. Or if I do, at least the tile won’t be the cause…….
 Additionally, I found gas for $0.30 a gallon less than what we have at home. We found Dad a new coffee roaster (air popper) that was the only brand that would work. We found it at a thrift store for $2.75. AND I needed a blender for my soap and lotion making projects and found a great one that was just the brand I wanted at Goodwill for $6.00!!!! Plus, I got to spend the day with 2 of my favorite people….my husband and my mom. Can’t beat that!!!

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One Response to The Tile Debacle…..

  1. Jennifer Bray says:

    Awesome! I love your descriptive words!!!!! Gagggarrific!!! LOVE IT!

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