My Miracle Snow Tires…..

 I have been debating snow tires for my car for over a month now. I make a 90 mile round trip commute every day to work and my little car gets twice the gas mileage that the Expedition gets. When  you’re on a budget, deciding which car to take somewhere really is an issue. If I drive the 4×4 during the winter, my weekly feel bill is around $110 instead of $55. So, with the 4×4 my monthly fuel bill would go up by at least a couple hundred dollars. 
 The week before Hubby lost his job, I had purchased new highway tires for my little car to the tune of $800. I generally buy Cooper tires because I like them. I’ve bought them for years and you can still buy Coopers made in the USA. Not all….you have to watch. Some are made in China. Anyway, having just purchased $800 worth of all season tires I wasn’t really looking forward to the prospect of spending that again for snow tires. I don’t normally run snow tires because I have a 4×4 with decent tires for winter driving. Historically, that’s worked because I could afford the extra fuel spend. 
 I’ve been trying to justify the spend and figure out where I might find another $800 in my budget for tires. This, of course, is laughable because it would take me several months of adjusting the budget and putting money in savings to be able to do this. By the time I had the money, the season would be over. I could still buy them and use them next year, but it wouldn’t help me this year. AND in the meantime, I’d be spending that extra $200 / month driving the 4×4.
 So I’ve been praying about it….trying to figure out the right answer here. I was to the point that I was considering pulling the money out of savings to do it, but I’m petrified to touch that money because that’s how I plan to pay Hubby’s tuition and there’s no way to replace it right now. About a week ago I was looking at my pay stub and saw that it said that $200 a paycheck was going to my 401K. When Hubby lost his job in September, I went online and stopped contributing to my 401K because I wanted to see where we were at and I wanted every penny available. The 401K plan we use is one where you can start/stop/change your contribution online at ANY time. There’s no waiting for a quarter end or enrollment period to come around. So I called my plan manager and asked about it. She said that I would have to contact payroll at my company because they notified them that week to stop my contribution. They just missed stopping it. At first I was pretty irritated. Once taxes are taken, that’s over $300 / month back in my budget. 
 After finding this, I went in and spoke with my payroll dept thinking that there would be nothing that they could do except to stop any further contributions. She actually said that she could get the money back for me. I figured once it was in your 401K, you couldn’t reverse it. But you can….and they did.
 Yesterday on my paycheck I had an extra $700+. I had Hubby price snow tires at the 3 local tire places. My car also has a really odd tire size and NO ONE ever has them in stock. They’ve always had to order them. In light of this, I didn’t anticipate finding anywhere to get any put on immediately. Hubby got the quotes….one was almost $900 and they weren’t in stock. One was $700 and they weren’t in stock. And the other was just under $700, they were in stock, they had time to put them on while he waited AND they were Cooper tires. 
 God constantly provides for us. Even in things that might seem trivial to some……like snow tires. I’m amazed everyday by how the Lord provides. I now have snow tires. They are paid for. I didn’t have to touch our savings. Thank you, Lord.

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One Response to My Miracle Snow Tires…..

  1. Jennifer Bray says:

    Yay For snowtires! And that it all worked out perfectly!

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