The Sonicare From the Abyss…..

For a couple of months now I have wanted a Sonicare toothbrush. I had one years ago but gave it to a family member. I have a bad habit of “scrubbing” my teeth and my dentist says that I’m literally brushing my gums away. Eventually….if I don’t stop, it will mean grafting in my future. Ugh! Not interested in that. He said going back to using the Sonicare would help greatly because it doesn’t allow you to “scrub” like that and it’s great for your gums. One of my worst fears is losing my teeth so this immediately inspired me to look into a Sonicare again.

 Now, Sonicare toothbrushes are great, but they are also expensive. My youngest sister said she found a coupon for $15 off when she bought hers. I began scouring the web and the Sunday paper in earnest for a coupon. ANY coupon….. $5, $15….. any discount was better than full price. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a current coupon nor could I afford to shell out $100 for a toothbrush. So, I went about my business and have tried to be more gentle when brushing.

 Fast forward 6 weeks.

 Today, Hubby was digging around in the abyss under my upstairs bathroom sink. I swear, I have NO idea what’s up there. That bathroom rarely gets used and I NEVER look under the sink. It’s full of “stuff” but I don’t know what any of it is. I think there may be a small band of gypsies living under there. Hubby was looking for a small pot of cocoa butter that I thought might be up there. He didn’t find any cocoa butter (or gypsies for that matter…..but they’re stealthy!). What he found was a Sonicare!!!!! I must have purchased it to replace the one I gave away, tucked it under there while cleaning off the counter and forgotten all about it! WHOOHOO!!!! Christmas comes early this year! 🙂

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