Photoshop Fun…..(or Pretending to be a Graphic Designer)

 As a photographer, I’ve used Photoshop as my editing tool for several years now. I’ve never gotten anywhere near graphic design with it, but I had an idea over the long weekend and wanted to see if I could work it out. 
 I started with a photograph of a tree in dense fog that I took a few years back in Virginia. I messed with the photo until I had created a nice, high contrast black and white image and then I posterized it. I added the “ground”, “painted” in the roots, added a Thoreau quote that I love and printed it on transfer paper. With a few minor exceptions I’m pretty pleased with the result for a first try. I might have to play around with some new tools in PS that I’ve never bothered to check out.

This is the finished bag. Let me just say……I will NEVER work with wide wale corduroy again. It’s EVIL stuff! I can still hear it mocking me and my inferior sewing skills.

 Below is the image itself. It transferred ok (above) but I think I’ll look for transfer material that’s a little less shiny. I prefer a more matte finish. The blacks lost a bit of depth too on the transfer. I’ll have to play around with it.

Now I’m on a mission to find affordable transfer material!

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