Repurposed Window, Canning Jars & Insulators…

I LOVE old windows! Over the years I have collected many of them here and there….. yard sales, junk stores etc. I have always wanted to do something with them, but wasn’t quite sure what. My original intent was to build a greenhouse, but we ended up using a different method for the greenhouse so they’re all stored in my little shed.

 Our house is a modified A-frame so most of my walls are sloped making hanging anything challenging. There are tons of cute things to do with old windows if you have plenty of flat, straight walls. I wanted something useful as well as decorative. I’d been on the lookout for a fun way to use canning jars and came across a few ideas. Today when I was out and about I stopped in at the local antique store to see if they had any new gems that might inspire me. Outside in the snow I found a milk crate full of old glass insulators. I bought 15 of them. They only had 5 blue ones ($1.50 each) and I bought 10 clear ones ($1.00 each). The blue ones are for yet another project but I didn’t really have a purpose in mind when I bought the clear ones. When I got home I remembered my windows and went out to take a peek at my “inventory”.

 I found just the right size window and went to work on my idea. The window I selected had been covered in a healthy coating of some seriously hideous green paint. I had originally envisioned sort of a “shabby” look with chipping white paint, but my white windows were just too big for the space I had in mind. So, off to the garage to sand it down a bit and remove the brass latch.
  Next it was time to check out the paint situation. About 6 years ago I painted the downstairs bathroom and I was pretty sure I had the leftovers stashed under the stairs. Yep, found it. Ew…..After some vigorous stirring, the paint returned to some semblance of normal and I proceeded to use it. I’m sure it will be fine.

 After paint it was time to attach the jar / insulator holders. I had originally intended to attach them with hose clamps, but after visiting the hardware store and discovering that the hose clamps I needed were $2.79 each, I decided to improvise. I don’t know what this stuff is officially called or what it’s for, but I found it in the plumbing section. It was $2.29 for a roll of 10 feet. Much better…… I had Hubby cut me 5 lengths (10 inches each) to attach the vessels to the window. I just used wood screws and this strapping stuff.My bathroom counter is always cluttered and generally “icky”. You create a domino effect anytime you touch anything. I wanted to create a way to organize it and clean it up a bit.  Now that’s much better!!!
 I love my tidy “new” space! And I did it myself on the cheap.
Window – around $5
Strapping & Screws – $3.00
Mason Jars – $0.75
Paint – leftovers
Insulators – $2.00
For just over $10 I got a functional “antique” organizer. Love it!

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3 Responses to Repurposed Window, Canning Jars & Insulators…

  1. ljmulcahy says:

    Love it! Super cute and so neat and tidy!

  2. Jennifer Bray says:

    I really Love this! It is interesting because I did not remember the wall color being so light in your bathroom. The new organizer really hi lights the difference in dark tile and the light walls! Way To Go Megs! It looks great!

    • RichGirl says:

      Thanks Jen. It was fun to do. I think I’m going to do another one for the upstairs bathroom. It’s nice to finally use some of the “junk” I collect. 🙂

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