Make New Friends, But Keep the Old……

…………those are silver, these are gold. Isn’t that how the saying goes? If you’re lucky enough, you have “that friend”. That friend who is there through good times and bad. That friend that we may not see or communicate with for years but can pick up with as though no time has passed. That friend to whom you can speak your mind without judgement or condemnation. She knows all of your shortcomings and loves you anyway. She’s a sister with whom you don’t share blood. I have been blessed with such a friend. It’s been my privilege to call her such for 25 years. We’ve shared our joy and sorrow. We’ve laughed together and cried together. She’s beautiful,  strong willed, opinionated, caring, funny, loving, generous…….. I’m blessed to call her my friend.
Thank you for your friendship, Jen. Love ya!


1990abt. 1995

abt 1997



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2 Responses to Make New Friends, But Keep the Old……

  1. Jennifer Bray says:

    OMG! Girl you made me cry! I love you so much and feel EXACTLY the same way!!!! It is a good thing too because some of those pictures you dug up are hideous! Love you Megan and ALWAYS will! XOXOXOX

  2. RichGirl says:

    Hey, if I can post that horrendous picture of me in 6th grade……. 🙂 Yours were nothing in comparison!

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