My Cup Runneth Over…..

I was just sitting here counting my blessings and thinking about all of the things God has done for us. We have ample food to eat, a beautiful home with an amazingly affordable mortgage, we’re healthy, our family is healthy, our vehicles are paid for and RUNNING!!!!, I have a good job that pays the bills, Hubby was awarded a grant that pays his tuition and he recently landed some sewing work that he can do at home………. We live next door to 4 of our favorite families. We are happily and faithfully married almost 17 years….. We’ve traveled the states and seen and done so many amazing things……the list just goes on and on. It’s not to say that we’ve never seen hard times, but the Lord has blessed even through those times. The rough spots have drawn us closer together and closer to Him. I truly live a blessed life and I am so thankful.

My cup runneth over………

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