I Know…….I’m Crazy…..

For those of you who know me well, you know I love stuffed animals and dolls. I know, at 30 errrr, something, I suppose you should have grown out of such things. But I haven’t and I don’t apologize for it. A few years back I was inspired by my grandmother who collects dolls. I have always loved them and at the time I could afford them and decided to begin a collection of my own. I have some more modern dolls, but what I really love are vintage dolls. Dolls of the 40’s and 50’s are among my favorites.  I’ve purchased a LOT of dolls over the last few years and some have been in different stages of disrepair. My goal was to bring them back to life and sell them. We’ve actually gone through the refurbishing process of ONE out of about a dozen that I purchased with that in mind. Of the vintage dolls I’ve purchased one of my favorites is an old American Character doll from the 50’s. Her name is Toodles and she is in sort of sad shape. Her head is scratched, her crier only works when she sucks air in rather than when she blows it out, she has an “old” smell, she’s missing half of her eyelashes……..poor thing, but I love her. She’s darling and since she’s already in such sad shape, the nieces and nephew are allowed to play with her. They love her too.

For the last year, Toodles has been living in the corner of our bedroom in the rocking chair. When we rearranged the living / dining area over the weekend we made room for the rocking chair to return to where it belongs. However, that was Toodles’ “spot”. She couldn’t possibly sit in it out in the livingroom in the dark…..by herself. I KNOW!!! I’m borderline psychotic…. 🙂

This morning when Hubby brought the chair back to the living room I started teasing him about “Poor Toodles…..where will she sleep now? She’ll be so scared out in the living room by herself… It will be dark…she might get cold…..” etc. After almost 2 decades together he knows I’m crazy and he’s ok with it.

When I got home from the office tonight and went into the bedroom to change my clothes, here’s what I found………………….. Hubby made her a little “canopy” bed in the corner where the rocker had been. It’s complete with a memory foam mattress and a Precious Moments sheet set. A few weeks ago he made her the dress and pinafore that she’s wearing and he even made the shoes. My husband is the greatest! When I got home tonight and saw it I laughed so hard. He’s so good to humor me. I love him…….

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