I LOVE WinCo Foods…..

Yesterday, I shopped at a WinCo Foods for the first time. I’ve known of them for years because the company I work for is a supplier to WinCo. I don’t have one anywhere near where I live, but we were in Washington yesterday and decided to check it out. I was seriously impressed. Their produce was so nice! Their meat was affordable and fresh looking. They had a huge bulk foods section…….. And best of all, their prices were amazing!  I’m sold! I wish they were closer. If my town had a WinCo, they would become my new store of choice.

The only things that they didn’t seem to have (or maybe I just couldn’t find it) were a specifically “natural foods” section or segregated gluten-free section. I’ve been spoiled by Yoke’s with both of those things. They had quite a few gluten-free products, but they were all integrated throughout the store with like products. I guess some people might actually prefer that.

WinCo is also employee owned which I think is another good reason to support them. So, if you have a WinCo in your “shopping region”, I would strongly encourage you to check them out. Yeah, there’s no one at the end of the counter to bag your groceries and pack it out to your car for you, but really, did you want your eggs under your watermelon anyway?

To see if there’s one in your area, go to http://www.wincofoods.com/.

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