Antique Canning Jar Lights….

When we built our house, we were in a time crunch toward the end and had to make a few decisions that we always intended to change later. The lights in our living / dining area were one of the things that was supposed to be “temporary”, but 8 years later I’m still living with the same ugly lights. Our lighting situation is challenging because our house is a modified A-frame and so the walls are not straight up and down, but angled. This really limits your lighting choices. To further complicate matters we have tongue-in-groove pine in the ceiling in that room so lights overhead are difficult as well.

The lights we initially installed are hideous. I hate them and have always hated them. They remind me of old-fashioned bicycle baskets. Every time I look at these hideous lights visions of Almira Gulch coming to get Toto pop unbidden into my mind……music and all!!! Ugh!!! We’ve been looking around for several years trying to figure out what we would like better in this space. A few months back I finally saw something that I fell in love with.

I ADORE antiques, but because I have limited space, my antiques have to be useful…..not just decorative. I saw these lights made out of antique canning jars by Alstrom Rust and simply had to have them. When we decided to build the extra storage cabinets for my canning jars and finished canned goods, I thought that they would complete the new addition nicely.

I love old glass and have been buying antique canning jars here and there for the last 6 years so I have quite a few now. We decided that 3 would be perfect for this space with a larger one in the center and a quart on either side. The nice thing is that the jars just unscrew from the lids and can be cleaned and changed out as desired. Some might think it a bad thing, but you do have to drill a hole through your ceramic / zinc lids. I don’t care because I have lots of them, but some might.

When I arrived home from work tonight, Hubby had them all done and installed!
If you look at my previous post, you can see the ugly Almira Gulch lights. I think these are SO much better and I really like the raw conduit. To me, it gives it a “rustic” feel. I know…..I’m a little weird.

Love my dining area make-over!!! It was fairly inexpensive to do. Our next set for the other side of the room will be even cheaper because we bought all of the parts at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. For $8 I got enough electrical components to make 3 or 4 sets. The only thing I can’t seem to scrounge is the conduit. I have to buy that new, but you can get 2 sets out of a 10 foot stick. At $11 / stick that’s not too bad. This is 3/4″. Most of the components in this set I bought at the local electrical supply house. I did scrounge the light sockets from some old vanity lighting at the Restore. For a couple of bucks I bought an old vanity light bar that had 5 sockets and we disassembled it. I have about $35, including the jars, invested in this one. The components for the next one were only around $16 total. Gotta love it!!! I do!

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