Hooray for Dust-Aid!!!!

For the last couple of years I’ve been battling a horrid debris infestation on the sensor of my D200. I haven’t been doing much shooting lately so I haven’t really been inspired to deal with it. I was hoping that maybe if I ignored it, it would just magically go away…….. No luck on that front!!!

After trying several different things in the past I was frustrated by my inability to clean the sensor. I even tried taking it to a professional repair shop but their hours were ridiculous and I could never catch them open and gave up. After much irritation I had resigned myself to just cloning out the dust particles and living with it.

Several month ago, a fellow photo junky turned me on to a product called Dust-Aid. I purchased some and it has been sitting in my camera bag for several months now. I hauled it out while cleaning up my equipment for our upcoming trip and was AMAZED at how well it worked!!! THANK YOU PHIL!!!!! You preserved my sanity! 🙂 I highly recommend this product. If you’re brave enough to try cleaning your sensor yourself, try Dust-Aid. It’s like magic!

I can still see two tiny little spots, but I think with another treatment I’ll be completely dust free!!


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