One More Day…..

 One more day and we’re headed to Utah. When Hubby went back to school full time I figured our travel would have to end until he’s done and employed. Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve gotten incredibly spoiled and the days of staying at Motel 6 and Super 8 were far behind us. We decided that we’d rather scrape and scrounge and go cheap than to completely give it up though. True, we can’t afford a month on the road at a time anymore. And we can’t eat steak for dinner every night. And we can’t drive the big, comfy Expedition. And we can’t stay at upper crust hotels anymore…………….but we can still enjoy life.

 Our budget for this trip is less than half of what it would have been a year ago, but it will be an adventure. We’ll be together and we’ll have a blast regardless……..because we’re rich!


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One Response to One More Day…..

  1. Jennifer Bray says:

    Amen!!!! Yes you are RICH! You have the best thing ever……. EACH OTHER!!! I feel so blessed to have you both in my life!!!! I am rich too!

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