Utah Budget Vacation Day Two…

I HATE SALT LAKE CITY!!!!! I would rather drive in Chicago or L.A…… I despise driving through Salt Lake. It takes forever to get through this area. Once you hit Ogden you can just resign yourself to the fact that traffic will SUCK until you’re through Spanish Fork. UGH! Today was worse than normal. We hit road construction and it must have taken close to 2 and a half hours to travel 90 miles.

However, while stopped in traffic we spotted an antique mall just off the interstate so we stopped and checked it out. It was pretty overpriced, but I still found a cool half-gallon Ball jar for the lights we’re making for the other side of the living room. AND it’s unlike any I already have. Score!

When we FINALLY reached the turn for Hwy 6 at Spanish Fork it was much later than I had hoped. We took 6 south to Price and then hooked Hwy 10 southwest just to mix it up. We were heading to Hanksville, Utah and thought we’d check out 10 since we’d never been that way. The intent was to take 1o to 72 and run through Capitol Reef and then head back east to Hanksville. Once we hit I-70 where 72 takes off……..something went amiss. My first hint should have been this sign…..

The last time I ignored a sign like this we spent several hours on a back road from hell trying to get back to a major highway from Chaco. Details here. I wasn’t interested in a repeat of this event, but really didn’t want to double back on I-70. We figured we’d risk it….. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we decided to take the Vibe on this trip instead of the 4×4 with good clearance. The road was dirt, but didn’t seem too bad.
We drove for about 15-20 minutes and came to a crossroad. By this time, the GPS is more confused than we are about which road we’re on and we’re uncertain about which way to go.

Any option with “Last Chance” in the name has me a little nervous at this point. The sky is darkening and that’s how the Chaco episode started. I think it’s time to double back to I-70.

I told Rodd if we weren’t careful this would be our accommodations for the evening. Time to go!

After a couple more hours we finally arrived in Hanksville. We’re staying at the Whispering Sands Motel in one of their “cabins”. They’re darling and spotlessly clean. I have NEVER stayed in a more decent place for $49.99. This place is fantastic!

There is some sort of thorny plant growing down here. I apparently picked up several on the soles of my Crocs and then they fell off on the floor next to the bed. I took my shoes off and went to get in bed and picked one up with my big toe. HOLY COW!!!! These things are brutal!!!! I didn’t have so much as a safety-pin, let alone a needle……. Fortunately, I did have a pair of tweezers and Rodd had a  Leatherman. He cut it out for me with his knife!!! The pointy piece had broken off and was buried deep in my toe. 😦
I don’t know what these things are, but I guarantee I won’t be going barefoot down here again!

It’s supposed to be really windy tomorrow so we’re not sure what we’ll do, but we’re thinking maybe Natural Bridges.

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