Utah Budget Vacation Day 4…..

Day four was the hike into Mule Canyon to see House on Fire. There are many ruins in the Cedar Mesa region and Mule Canyon has a lot to offer. We didn’t go any farther up the canyon than House on Fire although I know that there are a many more ruins along this trail.

We were only too happy to leave the hotel in Blanding. We wanted to arrive at the trail-head by no later than 9am. The light is supposed to be best at the ruins between 9am and 11am. Perhaps it’s the time of year, but I would say that this is a bit off. I didn’t get the light I was waiting for until almost 1pm. However, I’d rather be early and wait for 2+ hours than to be late and miss it by 10 minutes. So, we parked at the trail-head and were on the trail a little after 9am. With the exceptions of some crazy strong wind, the weather was perfect. We had beautiful sunshine and no sign of rain.
We arrived at the ruins at around 9:30am. It’s just a little over a mile and we were hurrying because we didn’t want to miss peak light. No chance of that, really……. We spent the next 3 hours entertaining ourselves by shooting random things, different angles of the ruins and chatting with other hikers who came up the trail.

Once the sun came past the shelf that overhangs the ruins, we finally got the light we’d been waiting for. When the light hits the slick-rock just in front of the ruins, it’s reflected onto the “ceiling” intensifying the “fire”. It was worth waiting for…… I haven’t had time to work with these images yet, but you get the idea……
Back down the trail…….and off to Moab.

We stayed at the Best Western Greenwell in Moab. Moab is always a challenge where hotels are concerned. We ALWAYS make a reservation when planning to stay here. When seeking a bedbug free hotel in Moab, we found that the town was absolutely riddled with buggy hotels!!!! Gross!!!! Needless to say, I was willing to pay a little more for peace of mind. This hotel had no reports of bugs and it reviewed very well on TripAdvisor. For $89.99 a night I was VERY pleased. It’s more than I wanted to pay, but Moab is an expensive town so I was happy to find something nice for under a hundred a night. It was clean, comfortable, quiet…..and best of all…..you guessed it! Bug free!!!
AND remotes that can be sanitized!!!! Hooray!!!!
I’m diggin’ this place!


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