Utah Budget Vacation Day 6….

We decided that for our last day out we’d do a little antiquing / junking. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, true “junk” stores seem to be a thing of the past so we had to settle for antiquing. Not a problem…..I’m flexible. 🙂

We found 3 really nice antique malls in Idaho Falls. My favorite was probably the Trackside Antique Mall. I have been on a hunt to find vintage chairs to match my Formica table. I have had the hardest time finding ANY, let alone some that are in good shape and match the table. In the basement at the Trackside mall I found 4 such chairs. Unfortunately, they were for sale with a harvest gold Formica table. I really liked the table too, but there’s just no way I would have been able to get it into my Pontiac Vibe. I was skeptical about the chairs, but my husband was determined to figure out a way to rearrange all of our other gear to make it fit. Gotta love that guy!

After making certain that we could cram the chairs in the car I went back to see if they would split the set. He only wanted $75 for the table and all 4 chairs. Of course I didn’t tell him this, but I was prepared to pay the $75 and leave table behind if they wouldn’t split the set. After a few rounds of “who’s on first” with the nice lady at the register we finally determined that the guy who owned the set was actually working on another floor of the mall. When we came back in, I explained to her that they had a set of 4 chairs and a table downstairs that I was interested in, but that I couldn’t buy the table because it wouldn’t fit in my car. She apparently thought that I was selling a table and chairs because she kept telling me that she wasn’t interested in my table. Then she asked me if I had a table……. It went something like this:
ME: Hi there. How are you today?
HER: Smiles…..
ME: You have a table and 4 chairs in the basement and I’m interested in the chairs. I can’t buy the set because I’m from out-of-town and the table won’t fit in my car. I’m wondering if you would split the set and just sell me the chairs.
HER: I’m afraid I wouldn’t be interested in your table.
ME: So, you couldn’t split the set?
HER: I couldn’t buy your table. I’m sorry……
ME: No Ma’am…..I don’t have a table. You have the table. It’s downstairs.
HER: I have a table downstairs?
ME: Yes Ma’am. A table and 4 chairs. But I’m only interested in the chairs.
HER: I’m afraid I just wouldn’t be interested in a table.

Oh dear…… She was very nice but I think a little hard of hearing. Once we finally straightened out who had the table she directed me to the gentleman who owned the set. We chatted in general about these vintage diner style tables and he ended up splitting the set for me. I picked up the 4 chairs (and no table 🙂 ) for $50. I felt pretty good about it. I bought the table that I have for $40 so I have a complete vintage set for under $100.
They fit quite nicely! Even with all of the other junk we had in the car, we still had room for more treasures!
At the other 2 malls we found a couple more things we “needed”. I bought another vintage Ball jar for our other light project and I purchased a Chocolate Soldier crate that I plan to use as a shelf.
Idaho Falls gets two thumbs up for its offerings!
Time for the long, boring drive home!
We got home last night around 9:30pm. It’s good to be home!

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