Utah Budget Vacation Day Five….

After a great night’s sleep in Moab, we headed up Hwy 128 to check out a couple a ghost towns I’d read about. The drive along the Colorado was very pretty albeit a bit windy. Nothing more than you’d expect along a river canyon though. It was a nice drive and I’m glad we took this route.
There will be no pictures to go along with day 5. I cannot tell you how disappointing Cisco and Thompson Springs were as “ghost towns”. I would not classify them as ghost towns. My idea of a ghost town is a town that has been COMPLETELY abandon. NO ONE lives here….. There are NO businesses operating……. Nothing…… Dead…… Hence the term ghost town.
I suppose Cisco was closer to a ghost town than Thompson Springs, but there were still people living there. I’m not going to go picking through this place, wandering about when people are living there. “Don’t mind me….. I’m just picking through the crap in your backyard here.” Lame……
Let’s just move on to day 6, shall we?

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