Utah Budget Vacation Day Three…..

Day three of our vacation was pretty laid back. We checked out of the fabulous little hotel in Hanksville and headed south toward Blanding. Along the way we stopped in at Natural Bridges but just sort of did a “drive-by”. We’ve been here before and decided not to do any real exploring here. The goal of the day was to locate the trail-head for Mule Canyon and determine our plan for the following day.

On the way to find the trail-head, we stopped at the main roadside Mule Canyon Ruins site. It’s right off the highway around mile marker 102 on Utah 95. Here’s the kiva at the site. There are a few other ruins at the location. It wasn’t particularly riveting, but that’s just my opinion.

After we left the roadside ruins we went down the road to find the entrance to Mule Canyon. We went too far and missed the trail-head. The road got MUCH worse after this picture. Why is it that we always seem to end up on roads that look like this…..? A few drops of rain and you’re screwed! Time to turn around again! We finally located the trail-head and headed down the road toward Blanding for the night.
We had reservations at the Super 8 in Blanding. We had stayed here about 6 or 7 years ago and the reviews on TripAdvisor still looked “safe”.  When we checked in, I realized that I have become an even bigger hotel snob than I thought! The place was more rundown than I recalled…….. And behind the hotel was a less than desirable area filled with barking dogs chained to porches……. Eek. I didn’t recall that. I had booked us 3 days in Blanding at this hotel. At this point, I had a minor meltdown. There was no way I was staying here for 3 days. Time to launch Plan B. I ended up rearranging the entire balance of the trip and rebooking all of our reservations. It was acceptable for one night, but not 3.

Every night when we’d check into a new hotel we’d do a bedbug sweep. I know, I’m completely paranoid, but I can’t help it. Before bringing anything into the room……check the mattress, pull back the covers, check behind the furniture where the vacuum never goes, spray around the bed with bedbug repellant……..
We were happy to declare the Super 8 in Blanding, Utah bug free…….

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