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One More Day…..

¬†One more day and we’re headed to Utah. When Hubby went back to school full time I figured our travel would have to end until he’s done and employed. Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve gotten incredibly spoiled and the days of … Continue reading

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Hooray for Dust-Aid!!!!

For the last couple of years I’ve been battling a horrid debris infestation on the sensor of my D200. I haven’t been doing much shooting lately so I haven’t really been inspired to deal with it. I was hoping that … Continue reading

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A Budget Trip to the Desert…

Hubby and I started doing some major road tripping about 9 years ago. The first trip we took was a 9 day excursion through canyon country. He had lived in Hite, Utah at the north-eastern end of Lake Powell, but … Continue reading

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Antique Canning Jar Lights….

When we built our house, we were in a time crunch toward the end and had to make a few decisions that we always intended to change later. The lights in our living / dining area were one of the … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself Tile & Grout….

Last weekend I completed the tile and grout work on the new canning cabinet. Dad built the cabinets for me and cut the tile. I wanted to try my hand at laying and finishing tile. I’ve seen him do it … Continue reading

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