Cheap and Decent Stay in Post Falls, ID….

We needed a place to stay near Spokane Friday night and I decided to take a game. Now, I don’t suppose it’s THAT much of a gamble because I ALWAYS use TripAdvisor when I’m looking for a hotel. I never book anywhere without check them out on TripAdvisor first. I’ve yet to get burned using this method.

We had considered “camping” at the local KOA. Cabins are $47 and an RV spot was about $30. To use an RV spot, we sleep in the Expedition. This is what we have done often in Glacier. It generally works well because it prevents the setup / tear-down of a tent etc. However, it’s still mid April in the great Northwest and it can be a bit chilly yet. I was surfing hotels and actually found one for $35 a night. I know…..sounds petrifying!! Or maybe putrefying…??? I figured that no place that charges $35 a night could be decent enough that I would stay there. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve become a major hotel snob over the last 10 years. BUT it’s time to pull the stick out of my keister and recognize that I’m not currently in a financial position to be staying at the Four Seasons. TripAdvisor reviews on the place were actually surprisingly good. We decided to risk it.

I was so shocked!!! The staff was amazing. The place was clean. It didn’t smell like funk. No bugs… mystery stains. I couldn’t believe it!!! Don’t be afraid to stay at the Fairbridge Inn Express in Post Falls. I would totally go back!
Two thumbs up!!!

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