Old MacDonald Had a Farm……in My Bathroom.

When Rodd announced that he really wanted to get chickens I finally said OK. BUT there are rules…….

  1. You have to have proper fencing / hen-house.
  2. You can’t have more chickens than your proper fencing / hen-house can manage. Four hens is sufficient.
  3. No roosters.
  4. If I smell them, they’re gone. We have a little under an acre so keep their space clean and stench-free.
  5. You cannot keep chicks in my house!!!!

Yesterday was our 16th anniversary. Rodd has had his hen-house for a while now. His fencing is in progress. I decided to bring him some chicks. I know, great anniversary gift, huh? We’re so romantic. Maybe some other time I’ll tell you about our romantical first Valentine’s Day together where we parked next to a dumpster and ate plastic wrapped sandwiches from a gas station. That’s Amore!! 🙂

I could not believe how hard chicks are to get. There are only a couple of places that even have them and when they get a shipment, people actually get there early in the morning and wait in line for them. If I needed a couple dozen I could order my own batch, but I only needed a few. I was able to get 4 Amber Star chicks at Co-op. I checked Big R as well but all that they had left were turkeys and ducks. And the ducks were SOOOOOOO cute!!!! I now have 4 chicks and 2 ducks (1 Pekin and 1 Indian Runner) living in my bathtub. Sure glad we spent the extra money for that jetted tub and custom slate!! *sigh*

At least they’re cute. Once they’re in the yard, I’m hoping they’ll keep the bugs down.


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One Response to Old MacDonald Had a Farm……in My Bathroom.

  1. Jennifer Bray says:

    Ha about the bugs! Their chicken shit is gonna attract all sorts of bugs! But way to think positive! Love you Megan!

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