DIY Compost Bin….Happy Earth Day!!!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outside! We spent all day working on projects in the yard. We made some progress on the fence, but when we got tired of working on that, I decided to build a compost bin. With shavings from the chicks and all kinds of kitchen trimmings I figured we should make use of this stuff rather than waste it. We always have tons of clipping from the lawn in the summer as well. In years past we’ve tried composting, but the deer always come in and eat the pile. Since the entire property will now be fenced, I decided to give composting a second chance.

We bought a unit of “cull” 2×4’s from a local mill for $50. You have to pick through it, but there’s quite a bit of usable wood here.

We separated out what will be usable for the additional chicken house (another story for another day….). And the pile above is what we’ll use for making compost bins etc.

We cut the 2×4’s to 4′ lengths and nailed them together. A bit like a pallet but with no center support.

Once we had 2 of the “pallets” put together we drug them around back to where we wanted the bin to be permanently. We figured it would be easier to move if we didn’t fully assemble it first.

Next, we stood the 2 sides up and nailed the back on. You don’t need a full “pallet” for the back. You only need the cross pieces. You’re going to nail them onto the ends of the existing sides.

Finally, we set it in place and nailed a few more cross pieces on the bottom of the front. Yay!!! Easy DIY compost bin!

Hopefully we can now turn some of our horrific clay soil into beautiful black gold!
Happy Earth Day!


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