The Poultry Palace Part I….

When I decide I’m going to do something, I’m the kind of person who’s either 110% in or completely out. Go big or stay home!
When I finally conceded on the chickens, we discussed having 4 hens. But really…….if you’re going to have 4, why not 20 chickens and 4 ducks? Well, let me just tell you why not…….

  1. I didn’t have a place prepared for 20 chicks.
  2. I didn’t have a place prepared for ANY ducks.
  3. Ducks are messy…..they poo a LOT!
  4. Ducks like to swim. I don’t have a pond.
  5. My chicken house was designed for 4-6 hens.

And the list could go on……… However, we jumped right in head first. That’s just our way. So, the first order of business was get these chicks / ducks OUT of my house. We needed a warm, cheap, safe, cheap, LARGE, cheap chicken house. Did I mention cheap?

So, we scrounged together about $250 worth of materials and got busy. The 2×4’s all came out of a cull unit of lumber from a local mill. We bought it for $50. The cedar siding we made from 1×6 cull that we bought for $0.30 a lineal foot from another local mill. The tin we’ll use is left over from my sister’s house. I bought a linoleum remnant for a few bucks. The windows I picked up at a yard sale for $2 each about 4 years ago. They were out of an old local schoolhouse. Some miscellaneous nails, screws etc. I also bought some hinges for $1 each at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. LOVE that place!

Dad drew us up a plan based on a design I liked online and we were off and running…….

Here’s the progress from Day 1.

That’s all for day 1!

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