Building the Fence……a WHOLE lot of work!!!

For a couple of years now we’ve been talking about fencing the perimeter of our property. We only have about 3/4 of an acre so we didn’t figure it was THAT big of a deal. Right? WRONG!!!! Building a fence is a REALLY BIG DEAL!!!! However, I’m tired of my plants being devastated by the deer. Where we live, unless you protect your greenery, you can kiss it good-bye. As much as I love to watch the deer at our place…….I don’t love to watch them devouring my beauty and bounty!!! So we decided this was the year.

We set a budget and headed for the lumber yard. We needed something tall enough to keep the deer out and something solid enough to keep the poultry in. As much as I would have loved to do a solid cedar fence, it was just WAY too pricey. We decided on 10′ 4×4 treated posts and 6ft field fence. In retrospect, I would not have selected the 6ft wire. I’d have gone with something taller. Oh well…….. When it’s completely finished it will have a 2×6 cedar rail at the top of the wire to prevent sagging. It will also have an additional single strand of wire at the top…..just a little extra deterrent.

At this point, we still have the cedar 2×6’s to purchase, but that may not happen until next year. We’ll see how the budget holds up. We’re in it now for around $1500. Ouch. It seems like a lot, but it should be a one time investment.

Ready for wire…..

Needed a way to attach the “stretcher” to the wire…….. You use what you’ve got.

Measure out the wire and attach our “cheezy” stretcher…..

Lay the fence out……

Now you just pray that your rope/winch don’t break and come back and shatter all of your teeth……

We still have gates to either build or buy. We’re leaning toward build, but are yet undecided. It feels like it’s finally coming together!!!!

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One Response to Building the Fence……a WHOLE lot of work!!!

  1. Jennifer Bray says:

    Oh My Gosh that does seem like a TON of work! You guys have been busy this year…. chickens ducks, compost bin, and a fence! I need to come up and see the place. We need to work that out soon! Love you guys! ❤ Jen

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