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EUREKA!!!! I discovered how to make Franz GF buns palatable!!!!!

I have purchased Franz gluten free hamburger buns on several occasions. Unfortunately, they usually mold before I get a chance to actually eat them! I’ve stopped buying them unless I know we will use them the day of, or the … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Cream of Mushroom Soup…..Make it at home and can it!

For years I grew up watching my mom throw together casseroles out of whatever was on hand. The base was often cream of mushroom soup. Since Rodd is allergic to wheat, I have stopped using canned cream of mushroom soup. … Continue reading

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If it died in the forest……..I’m not eating it!!!!

This has been my motto for years. I have tried different variations of wild game and had some pretty grotesque experiences. I decided years ago that I just don’t like it, and I’m not eating it. In 2007 my younger … Continue reading

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Purging the Closet…

Well, the time has rolled around yet again when I get completely disgusted with myself for having a closet FULL of clothes that I NEVER wear. I pick them up there and there when I see a “great deal”. I … Continue reading

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Kayaking the Yaak River – Yaak to Whitetail Campground

We’re always looking for new places to take the kayaks out. This week, someone recommended the Yaak River. We’ve been up the Yaak before but never on the river. I’m always a little nervous to jump onto a river that I’m not … Continue reading

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Yaak Convergence to Moyie Convergence – Kootenai River…..Lessons Learned

Over the last several years we have spent a fair amount of time on specific stretches of the Kootenai River. Since we bought our canoe about 5 years ago, we’ve put in at the base of the bridge at Bonners Ferry … Continue reading

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Building the Fence……a WHOLE lot of work!!!

For a couple of years now we’ve been talking about fencing the perimeter of our property. We only have about 3/4 of an acre so we didn’t figure it was THAT big of a deal. Right? WRONG!!!! Building a fence is … Continue reading

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