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Building the Fence……a WHOLE lot of work!!!

For a couple of years now we’ve been talking about fencing the perimeter of our property. We only have about 3/4 of an acre so we didn’t figure it was THAT big of a deal. Right? WRONG!!!! Building a fence is … Continue reading

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The Ducky Relocation Program…..

Success!!!! I have a second bathroom again!!! No more poultry in my house!!!! YAY!!! The ducks moved into the original chicken house AND they have a kiddie pool in their yard. They are in HEAVEN!!! 🙂 (So am I!)   … Continue reading

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The Big Move…..

Hallelujah!!!! The day finally arrived. The chicks are moving out of my bathroom and into their new home! WHOOHOO!!!! Next order of business…….the ducks need to move out! M

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The Poultry Palace Part III…

Now it’s time to seal this thing up. Caulk and a door should do the trick! I caulked ALL of the cracks in this thing. Under each strip of batten, I caulked. The poor chickens may suffocate, but they’ll be … Continue reading

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