Square Foot Gardening….

The garden boxes are FINALLY coming together!!!! It seems like it has taken forever. We’ve been hijacked by chickens, fences, ducks, chicken houses……. We had 10 yards of topsoil hauled in a few weeks ago and it has been sitting there taunting me! We finally got them planted this weekend. We decided to try the square foot method. It seems to really utilize the space well. We’ll see……..

The glorious pile of “black gold”!
Thanks for the help Mel!
Sectioned off and ready to plant!
Planted 5 4’x8′ boxes this weekend. We also did potato rings and some additional plants in buckets. I can’t wait until our little sprouts start popping up! Now we just need some sunshine!


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The Ducky Relocation Program…..

Success!!!! I have a second bathroom again!!! No more poultry in my house!!!! YAY!!! The ducks moved into the original chicken house AND they have a kiddie pool in their yard. They are in HEAVEN!!! ­čÖé (So am I!)



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The Big Move…..

Hallelujah!!!! The day finally arrived. The chicks are moving out of my bathroom and into their new home! WHOOHOO!!!!

Next order of business…….the ducks need to move out!

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The Poultry Palace Part III…

Now it’s time to seal this thing up. Caulk and a door should do the trick! I caulked ALL of the cracks in this thing. Under each strip of batten, I caulked. The poor chickens may suffocate, but they’ll be dry!!!

Now we still need to put the tin on the roof and build the lids for the nesting boxes. So close!!!

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The Poultry Palace Part II…

Day 2 we got up and got busy again. I thought we could have this whole thing slapped together in 2 days. I was so delusional!!!!

┬á What????? We’re still not done????

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The Poultry Palace Part I….

When I decide I’m going to do something, I’m the kind of person who’s either 110% in or completely out. Go big or stay home!
When I finally conceded on the chickens, we discussed having 4 hens. But really…….if you’re going to have 4, why not 20 chickens and 4 ducks? Well, let me just tell you why not…….

  1. I didn’t have a place prepared for 20 chicks.
  2. I didn’t have a place prepared for ANY ducks.
  3. Ducks are messy…..they poo a LOT!
  4. Ducks like to swim. I don’t have a pond.
  5. My chicken house was designed for 4-6 hens.

And the list could go on……… However, we jumped right in head first. That’s just our way. So, the first order of business was get these chicks / ducks OUT of my house. We needed a warm, cheap,┬ásafe, cheap,┬áLARGE, cheap┬áchicken house. Did I mention cheap?

So, we scrounged together about $250 worth of materials and got busy. The 2×4’s all came out of a cull unit of lumber from a local mill. We bought it for $50. The cedar siding we made from 1×6 cull that we bought for $0.30 a lineal foot from another local mill. The tin we’ll use is left over from my sister’s house. I bought a linoleum remnant for a few bucks. The windows I picked up at a yard sale for $2 each about 4 years ago. They were out of an old local schoolhouse. Some miscellaneous nails, screws etc. I also bought some hinges for $1 each at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. LOVE that place!

Dad drew us up a plan based on a design I liked online and we were off and running…….

Here’s the progress from Day 1.

That’s all for day 1!

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DIY Compost Bin….Happy Earth Day!!!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outside! We spent all day working on projects in the yard. We made some progress on the fence, but when we got tired of working on that, I decided to build a compost bin. With shavings from the chicks and all kinds of kitchen trimmings I figured we should make use of this stuff rather than waste it. We always have tons of clipping from the lawn in the summer as well. In years past we’ve tried composting, but the deer always come in and eat the pile. Since the entire property will now be fenced, I decided to give composting a second chance.

We bought a unit of “cull” 2×4’s from a local mill for $50. You have to pick through it, but there’s quite a bit of usable wood here.

We separated out what will be usable for the additional chicken house (another story for another day….). And the pile above is what we’ll use for making compost bins etc.

We cut the 2×4’s to 4′ lengths and nailed them together. A bit like a pallet but with no center support.

Once we had 2 of the “pallets” put together we drug them around back to where we wanted the bin to be permanently. We figured it would be easier to move if we didn’t fully assemble it first.

Next, we stood the 2 sides up and nailed the back on. You don’t need a full “pallet” for the back. You only need the cross pieces. You’re going to nail them onto the ends of the existing sides.

Finally, we set it in place and nailed a few more cross pieces on the bottom of the front. Yay!!! Easy DIY compost bin!

Hopefully we can now turn some of our horrific clay soil into beautiful black gold!
Happy Earth Day!


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